Joshua Tree Trip Report - March 21-22, 2009

Note: This trip report is so huge, I’ve posted two versions on both of my blogs. The stories will be the same, but the photos will be different. On this blog you’ll find mostly the insect photos I snapped on the trip while on my other blog,, you’ll find the flower/scenery/non-bug photos.
I arrived into [...]

Spider Saturday: Wall Spider

My apartment usually gets a few uninvited guests dropping in this time of year.  I find them in unexpected places as well: the kitchen counter ar the bathroom floor.  They don’t seem to cause any harm and I suspect that they’re eating other uninvited guests, so I hesitate before reaching for the paper towel.  They [...]

Spider Saturday: Garden Orb Weaver

I photogged this spider in Nicaragua last December. This golden orb weaver would set up its 4 to 5-foot wide web every evening and take it down every morning. When I first discovered  it, sitting in its web waiting for prey, I was just on my way to my tent to call it a night.  [...]

Arboretum Insects 2

Went with a friend to the local arboretum again last weekend. The flowers are starting to bloom and more insects are being drawn to their nectar, pollen, or maybe just their scent.
Here’s a gallery of some of my favorite photos from the afternoon:

Spider Saturday: Marbled Cellar Spider

For this week’s spider, we have a common marbled cellar spider (female) - (Holocnemus pluchei):

Arboretum Insects

Today was the day of our group photography outing to The Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanical Gardens, as mentioned earlier. I used my Canon 65mm MP-E lens most of the day, but switched to the 100mm near the end. All in all, it was a great day to be outdoors. Spring [...]

Spider Saturday: Cobalt Blue Tarantula

For this week’s  Spider Saturday post, I have a tarantula that is known to be fast, aggressive, reclusive, and nervous.   A cobalt blue tarantula (Haplopelma lividum) can be found in the forests of Southeast Asia, however I photographed this guy at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum’s annual Bug Fair, in 2008.

Spider Saturday

I’m starting a new blog habit this week: Saturday will now be “Spider Saturday” (or SpiSat) here on I’ll post a photo of a spider every Saturday until I either run out of spiders or run out of Saturdays.

Which Book Would You Buy?

I’m excited to announce my first book of insect photos!  Coming soon to a bookstore near you this site will be Insects & Spiders of Nicaragua !  The hardcover book will be chock-full of interesting creatures I photographed in Nicaragua last December.  The release date is tentatively scheduled for March 8th, 2009.
But I need your [...]

ID Help! Nicaragua Spiders

I need help identifying the insects and spiders I photographed in Nicaragua.  If you recognize any of the spiders below, please leave a comment below with the photo reference number (i.e. “9a”) and the scientific name.  I’d very much appreciate any help you can provide.  Thank you. (Measurements, if given, are from the pedipalps [...]