Joshua Tree National Park Insects [2]

To go along with my Joshua Tree trip report posted yesterday, I’ve got a couple of photo galleries to share:
Insect photos:

Non-insect photos:

Prepping for a weekend trip

Here’s a checklist I go through when getting ready for a weekend getaway.

Clear CompactFlash and SD memory cards
Charge batteries for cameras and ring flash (rechargeable NiMH)
Clean lenses of dust
Clear GPS and change batteries
Change batteries for Spot Satellite Messenger
Charge laptop
Pack extra batteries


Pack sleeping bag, tent, and air mattress
Pack backpack with a change of clothes
Pack medical kit [...] : the website

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while.
Most blogs that begin with that sentence usually signify the beginning of the end.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while usually translates to, I’ve been busy with things that are now of more importance to me and I might not post here again.  This is NOT the case [...]

Events: Free Photography Workshops

I run small workshops every once in a while called Shootin’ Up LA. In the past, they’ve been for friends only, but I’d like to make the activity a public event for anyone living in the Los Angeles area (free of charge). Head on over to my other blog at for the details: